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OneDrive and SharePoint - What's the Point?

Not all cloud spaces are created equally. Even within Microsoft's own offerings, there are several options. It may be confusing as to what the tools are, what they do, and why you would use one over the other.

Microsoft offers two cloud spaces for data storage, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. These two tools can be confusing when looking at a deployment within an organization. Many features have been added that overlap - and even make it difficult for you to know which one you're using! However, with these few key items, we will try to explain how each has it's own benefits and why you might use one over the other.

OneDrive has historically been a personal storage space. Recently, however, Microsoft has made improvements to the tool which introduce features - but, also present very confusing options for some. At the end of the day, we still recommend using OneDrive - even with it's sharing abilities and version control, to be used by a single person and not by a team.

However, if you are working in a team and need to share documents with many people, SharePoint is definitely the best solution. SharePoint's ability to store large amounts of data, keep versions easily, usage of a recycle bin, and it's flexibility and capabilities of fast searches, gives it a clear benefit over OneDrive. SharePoint also you to easily share documents with remote clients or vendors.

Both tools allow for online access as well as local synchronization to your desktop. In fact, the same tool allows you to synchronize with your Windows desktop. Be sure to download the latest version of the synchronization

tool as Microsoft has recently made significant changes over the older versions that provides more stability and reliability.

When you are ready to discuss, we will be happy to help you make the right decision for your environment.

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